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refugees welcome!

Support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersexual and queer refugees

Everybody seeking counselling and support about their gender identity and sexual orientation can receive this in Germany. Of course this also applies to people who fled to Germany.
More information about our support can be found here. Due to the many request we can only provide counselling for people who are in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Rhein-Neckar-Kreis and in the first steps of the asylum process (Erstaufnahme).

Everybody else who needs social support can contact Regenbogen Refugium in Stuttgart.

For legal advice please contact Asylverfahrensberatung, also in Stuttgart.

In Mannheim we offer a monthly evening to get together, cook and have a good time - cooking love - and the monthly meeting Unicorn Refugees.



Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

Donnerstag 21. Oktober
17:00 Uhr
Cooking Love

Samstag 23. Oktober
15:00 Uhr
Queer Families @QZM

Dienstag 26. Oktober
18:00 Uhr
Coming Out Gruppe für cis, inter und trans Männer in Heidelberg

Dienstag 2. November
16:00 Uhr
Coming Out Gruppe für trans, inter, nicht-binäre und genderquestioning Personen in Heidelberg

Mittwoch 3. November
18:00 Uhr
Coming Out Gruppe für cis, inter und trans Frauen in Heidelberg

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